A leading engineering company was evaluating to set up a plant for the manufacturing of warehousing automation products. The different automation products include sorters, conveyor belts and put to light systems.

The main objective was to understand the current usage and future requirements in terms of the machines and the technology used with respect to warehousing automation in the target segments.

The different segments that needed to be analysed were e-commerce, third party logistics, auto components, retail and apparels. The focus was to understand the current and potential demand for the products, identification of products with the most potential, factors influencing customer buying decision, competitive scenario and the current trends in this segment.

Based on the above insights, the entry strategy was to be developed for the company with respect to the India market.


Leading companies in the target segments were identified. Primary research interviews were carried out with the relevant contacts from each of the target industry segments to analyse the market with respect to warehousing automation products. The interviews were mostly conducted face to face and were spread across the cities in India such as Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi.

Insights were also taken from the respondents in the companies that manufacture warehousing automation machines as well as relevant turnkey project consultants.

Extensive secondary research was also carried out with respect to the warehousing automation segment.

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Based on the analysis the following insights and suggestions were provided to the client:

The potential demand for these products in the different segments. The market segment with the highest potential for the company’s products. The factors influencing the buying decision of the customers. Detailed analysis of the competitors in terms of product offering, technology used, capabilities, infrastructure, what kind of growth they are seeing, pricing etc. Buying practice of the customers, turnkey solution providers versus equipment suppliers. The recommendations and market entry strategy for the India market.