The Customer Satisfaction Survey could be the single most important exercise that you could carry out to improve customer satisfaction, enhance retention as well as drive business growth for your organisation. A well designed and executed Customer Satisfaction Survey is like a consulting project that would provide your organisation with several strategic insights.

NextWave has expertise in carrying out Customer Satisfaction Survey for Manufacturing Companies and Service Industry firms in India.
The analysis of the survey results would provide you with a health score for each of your clients that you could track at regular intervals.

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Manufacturing Companies

NextWave has carried out Customer Satisfaction Survey for leading manufacturing companies.

The customers are asked to rate the company on several parameters such as product range, product innovation, pricing, commercial terms, after sales service, grievance redressal, etc

Benefits of the Customer Satisfaction Survey

The insights from the survey have enabled the companies to understand their strengths as well as their areas of improvement.

Based on the insights, the manufacturing companies have made the required changes to their product as well as service offerings.

The survey insights play a role in growing the business with the existing clients and also salvage the strained client relationships.
This has enabled the companies to achieve customer retention and develop strong relationships with their customers.
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Service Industry

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Digital Marketing Companies.
NextWave has carried out a Customer Satisfaction Survey for three of the top five digital marketing companies in India to understand the health of their client relationships.

The clients have taken a quick online survey and the findings have enabled the agency to:


Customer Satisfaction Survey Model

The Customer Satisfaction Survey model used by NextWave for Service Industry firms is based on three broad dimensions: Delivery, Business Impact and Eagerness to Recommend. For each of these dimensions there are questions based on the different parameters. Based on the analysis and the overall health score, the clients could be mapped as into red, yellow and green.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Model
Customer Health Score

Suggested steps after the Customer Satisfaction Survey

 Identify corrective actions to be undertaken and allocate responsibility
 Engagement sessions with the unsatisfied set of clients
 Periodic reviews for tracking implementation of action plans
 Consider carrying out round 2 of the survey after a decided interval

Planning a Customer Satisfaction Survey?
Let's discuss how we could carry out a survey that delivers great results.

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