In today’s fast changing world, the need for reliable information to make right decisions has never been greater.

NextWave Research Solutions is a leading Market Research Company in Pune that believes its clients need a partner that can provide accurate and actionable information.

That is why our experts carry out in-depth analysis to provide a true understanding of the markets, customers, competitors and prevailing trends.

Our experienced team has experience of working for leading companies and deploys best in class as well as innovative research techniques to provide the required strategic insights.

So that our clients can act faster, smarter and achieve their business goals.

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Our Core Team

Abbas Naqvi

Director – NextWave Research Solutions

Abbas has more than sixteen years of experience in the areas of Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Strategic Marketing and Consulting. He has successfully carried out several complex research projects for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to NextWave, he has worked with MarketsandMarkets Research, Spanish business group Mondragon Corporation and Forbes Marshall.

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University and MBA in Marketing from the premier management institute Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune

Chaitanya Bhanage

Manager - Research – NextWave Research Solutions

Chaitanya has more than 10 years years of experience in the areas of Market Research in both B2B and B2C research. He has handled various market research assignments for both domestic and international clients.

He has experience in field research and project management.

He holds a degree in Biotechnology from Pune University and has done this MBA in Marketing from Pune.